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Loft Conversions - Can I have one? What do I need? 

It is possible to convert any loft space from a dusty old loft space into a clean, dry, safe and light storage space. However to convert your loft into a habitable real extension to your living space, that could be a bedroom(s), playroom, or home office (with or without plumbing for a bathroom/shower room) there are strict criteria set out by all the local building control departments throughout the country.

These "Regulations" are in place to ensure that any project undertaken is built to a standard that is not only safe and environmentally friendly but is also practical and easily usable. There are hundreds of regulations and requirements set out by these local building control departments all of which a reputable loft conversion company like us know.

Whether you are planning on selling or not, a loft conversion is a valuable addition to any home. You should choose a company that offers a professional and effective service for your loft conversion in Paignton. A wealth of knowledge and support is provided by experienced Westcountry Conversions Ltd staff. Our builders are available to help convert your loft into the room of your dreams.

Call 01803 312900 to discuss your loft conversion with Westcountry Conversions Ltd today.

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Update that Loft

When you are looking to increase your homes market value, a converted loft space will do the trick. With proper planning the new space can become a guest bedroom, a home office and much more... The process is simple. Let us take the stress and the strain out of the whole job with our planning service.

Primary Steps for a Loft Conversion in Torquay

The type of loft conversion you choose in Torquay may be influenced by your roof. Highly pitched roofs are more easily converted than flat roofs. Eaves conversions are built within your existing loft space so will add only windows to your home's exterior. A dormer conversion involves adding headroom and window space to an existing roof. If you have a flatter roof, loft conversion may involve rebuilding the entire roof to create a new space.

Creating Your New Space in Paignton

If permanent access is built in, a loft conversion in Newton Abbot can often be counted as an additional sleeping space should you sell your home. The space can be converted into a water closet by adding plumbing fixtures and enclosed walls. Effective control of light and sound can create the perfect games room or cinema. Add lots of power points and telecom sockets for a home office. Add large skylight windows to create a cosy space for moonlit nights.

What to Bear in Mind in Paignton

A loft conversion in Paignton is a significant investment, and a significantly rewarding one. Depending on your location and the extent of the conversion, planning permission may be required. A necessary component of any conversion plan is fire planning. Not only will the floor need to be adequately strengthened, but insulation must be up to standard. Any stairs or other means of access will require banisters, handrails and the like.


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